Christmas Promotion 2017!

Warm warm baby
Dear friends! On the eve of New Year and Christmas Charitable Foundation for Children “World of Childhood” held a charity campaign, which lasted from December 1, 2016, on January 31, 2017. We invite all residents, volunteers, business people, entrepreneurs, organizations and companies of Karaganda join in the good work!
We have received numerous letters, petitions, asking for help from the akims of rural districts of different regions of Kazakhstan, as well as the directors of schools and low-income families in Karaganda on the provision of comprehensive care for children – invalids, children from large, low-income, disadvantaged families and fostered children – need help.
In every house where there are children, there are certain things that the native “offspring” had no diarrhea. Throw a pity, here are sweaters and jackets, ranking. In low-income and large families, there is a constant lack of good-quality clothing. Perhaps you have warm clothes and shoes in good and clean condition or you have the option to buy that be of warm clothing and shoes or sweet gifts and food for the New Year.
As part of our promotions organized collection of warm clothes and shoes for children and their parents, cosmetics for children, Christmas gifts and sweet food, bedding, home appliances, furniture, developmental toys and other children.
Advance very grateful to all the kind and generous people!
All things, gifts and other charitable assistance can lead to the following address: Karaganda city, street: Perova House 4. Mode of operation: 1000 hours – 1800 hours Lunch:…. From 1300 hours – 1400 hours Closed Saturday and Sunday . PO Box Foundation:
Phone to call: 8-777-371-27-76 and 8-747-105-09-22.
We can come to you on their own without burdening you in the transport and delivery of items, objects, food and other charitable help!

On New Year’s good wishes and success!
President of the PF “BDF” World of Childhood “Poloho Y.N ____________________ 1 December 2016